Wieth Medical Curvlight PRO

12.625,00 kr.

CURVLIGHT PRO is designed for dentists and professionals utilizing magnification systems in need of extra illumination. Engineered for minimal weight and size, it guarantees comfortable wear on eyeglasses while retaining the powerful CURVCONTROL battery pack. Experience unparalleled lighting precision with CURVLIGHT PRO, your essential partner for precision in dental and medical procedures.

  • 25cm WD up to 112.000 lux
  • 40cm WD up to 36.000 lux
  • Spot Size 40cm WD Ø 85 mm
  • Battery Time max. 13 hours
  • Battery Change 5 seconds
  • Brightness Steps 5
  • Light Temperature 5500 K
  • Lamp Weight 10,5g
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